Hi, Gecko here. Been a while! Sorry.
We at Crispy Lizard has had a very roller-coaster like time since we set up our website and posted our first post back in January.

As you may or may not know, we are a very small development team and we’re just on the cusp of our development process for our project. There are concept changes, big decisions, team member changes and other big and important things happening on a daily basis. It has been hectic and psychologically challenging trying to make this a reality, and it still is.

Since I last posted quite a few big changes have happened regarding the team roster. Crispy Chameleon, who was originally announced as our programmer, has since left the team and been replaced by a programmer duo. It’s exciting to see the progress being made now, as these two work almost in symbiosis with each other. Interestingly to note is that our programmers and our lead developer (who you know as Tuatara) graduated university together and has worked as a team during their days in the Masters program before, so the teamwork is a given. From my point of view it’s quite refreshing to see things flow as well as they are now, and in no small way thanks to the new addition to our team.

Another great change to the project is the entire game concept. I originally announced the project as a RPG, but that is no longer accurate. The direction we’re taking the project in is not yet set in stone, but we’re definitely aiming in the direction of survival and sandbox, which many are already familiar with from popular titles such as Minecraft, Terraria and Raft. It’s important to note that our project will be nothing like those though, and our core idea is very unique, or at least we like to think it is.

I’ve stepped down as the storywriter as well, and am now leaving that entirely up to the educated game developers in the team. My role now is primarily community and media outreach, as well as making sure we have a growing group of followers. For this very purpose I’ve created a Patreon page in Crispy Lizard’s name, meant to let people support us financially and to let us bring our loyal supporters some insight into what we’re doing on a regular basis. Being a patron means more access to our Discord server, several ‘Dev Diaries’ videos monthly and other perks that we can only hope make up for that support we’re hoping to get. You can find the Patreon button on the frontpage of our website, but I’ll also post it at the end of this blogpost.

We’re also aiming to be more transparent as a team, and in that spirit I’ll happily introduce myself once more.
I am Samantha, also known as Crispy Gecko on Discord as well as here, on this website. In the future I hope I can be more regular with my updates and keep you all in the loop with our progress and what we’re doing.

So for now I am signing off and hope you’ll all find your way to our Twitter and Patreon for more and regular updates.

Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/crispylizard

Take care!

– Samantha ‘Gecko’ J. ♥

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