Hi! Welcome to Crispy Lizard’s blog, or perhaps I should say thank you. It’s wonderful that you’ve stumbled upon our development journal, and despite my tacky (and probably very poor) title for this post, you’ve made the right decision in reading this.

Crispy Lizard Indie is a small, three-man development team currently working a project we call ”CyberCity”. We aren’t the most experienced team out on the market, I’ll be the first to admit that, but we do have the passion and skills to soon (hopefully) present the world with the fruits of our labour.

CyberCity is an RPG set almost hundreds years into the future, following a timeline we’ve envisioned. While we call it an RPG, it’s not your usual run-of-the-mill RPG however, no. We’re planning to release this game in episodes, where we over time add both story and gameplay content for our players to enjoy and stay immersed until the end.

We’ll post regular updates on this blog, and for now that’ll primarly be concept art, in-game areas and various snapshots of what we’ve made so far. We’ll try to keep our followers appraised of our vision and give them an insight into the development. Soon we hope to open up a Patreon to help fund the project as well, where we’ll post some content that won’t be directly available on this blog.

Please look for future blog posts on here to find out about the basics we’ve established and other fun content reveals. And remember, if you like what you see make sure to keep an eye out for that Patreon.

And lastly, you’ll know me as CrispyGecko. I am the main storywriter, and the one that’ll mainly communicate with our followers both on here, Patreon and otherwise.
Our lead artist is CrispyTuatara, and they’re obviously in charge of art and level design.
Last, and not least, our programmer is CrispyChameleon. I think their role speaks for itself!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope you do check back soon. We’re not that established yet, so please be patient and make sure to follow us on Twitter for shout outs when blog posts and updates happen!

With much love
– CrispyGecko
(Crispy Lizard Indie)

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